Non-refundable Financing Consultancy

We offer FREE CONSULTANCY in the research and identification stage of funding programs, determining primary eligibility and personalized recommendations.

HIM Public Affairs offers non-refundable financing consultancy services to access:

  • European Funds
  • Norway Grants
  • Governmental Funds
  • AFIR – Agriculture program

We support our clients in all stages throughout the entire process, from the project idea, to the implementation stage, up to the post-implementation stage:

  1. Research and analysis of non-reimbursable funding opportunities;
  2. Concept and analysis for the integration of companies in national, regional and European projects;
  3. Market research to identify trends and global opportunities for companies;
  4. Analysis and proposals for sustainable projects with funding potential;
  5. Follow-up and permanent monitoring of projects.


  1. Programs with direct access to European Commission:

Innovation Fund – With a total financial allocation of 10 billion euro until 2030, funding projects that demonstrate innovative, low carbon technologies.

Horizon Europe 2021 – 2027 – European Union multi-annual program for research and innovation between 2021 – 2027, with a total financial allocation of 100 billion euro. 35% of the financed actions will contribute to climate change objectives.

LIFE 2021 – 2027 – With a total financial allocation of 5.432 billion euro, the program supports environmental, biodiversity and climate change projects. In 2021 it includes actions related to renewable energy production.

  1. Programs with access at national level:

National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) – National program with a total financial allocation of 29.2 billion euro for investments that will help to getting out of the crisis. The purpose is the economic recovery and the increasing the resilience capacity of Romania.

Environmental Programs – Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forest

Electric-UP – Program funding the renewable energy production: photovoltaic panel systems (27 – 100 kW) and electrical power stations installation – Ministry of Energy

Modernization Fund – Program funding the transition to a low carbon energetic system – Ministry of Energy

Operational Programs 2021 – 2027 – Ministry of Investments and European Projects (MIEP):

Cultural Programs – National Cultural Fund Administration

Agriculture Programs – The Funding Agency for Rural Investments (AFIR):

  • Sub-measure 3.1 – Support for participation in quality schemes for the first time
  • Sub-measure 4.1 and 4.1a – Investments in agricultural and fruit holdings
  • Sub-measure 4.2 and 4.2a – Support for investments in processing/marketing of agricultural and fruit products (expansion/modernization of processing units and acquisition of specific machines)
  • Sub-measure 4.3 – Investments in irrigation systems (modernization of irrigation infrastructure, of pumping station buildings, construction/modernization of water collection, storage tanks for irrigation)
  • Sub-measure 6.1 – Support for setting up of young farmers
  • Sub-measure 6.2 – Support for setting up non-agricultural activities in rural areas
  • Sub-measure 6.3 – Support for the development of small farms
  • Sub-measure 6.4 – Support for investments in setting-up and development of non-agricultural activities in rural areas
  • Sub-measure 7.4 – Support for investments in setting up, improvement and extension of local services for the rural population. Including leisure and cultural services and of the associated infrastructure (equipping with incinerators for animal origin waste following an epidemic)
  • Sub-measure 9.1 and 9.1a – Setting up groups of producers in agricultural and fruit sector
  • Sub-measure 16.4 – Support for horizontal and vertical cooperation between stakeholders in in the supply chain in the agricultural and fruit sectors
  • Sub-measure 17.1 – Crop, animal and plant insurance premiums

EEA & NORWAY GRANTS 2014 – 2021:

Represent the contribution of Island, Liechtenstein and Norway to reducing economic and social disparities and consolidate bilateral relations with 15 countries in Central and South Europe and with Baltic States.

For 2014 – 2021, Romania benefits of a total financial allocation of 502 million euro (275.2 mil. euro from EEA Grants and 227.3 million euro from Norway Grants), supporting 12 financing areas: Energy, Local Development (inclusion of disadvantaged groups), Active Citizenship, Culture, Research, Business Development, Internal Affairs, Environment, Health, Justice.


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